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10 Ways to Impress Your Boss at your Next Meeting

It can take four to 14 months to find the right job... and fewer than 90 days to lose it. According to executive coach Linda Seale, most professional and managerial dismissals are due to failure to understand and fit into a company’s culture.

12 Steps to a Smooth Resignation

Here are our tips to ensure people resign from their previous job on a good note.

18 Ways to Impress a New Employer

It can take four to 14 months to find the right job... and fewer than 90 days to lose it. According to executive coach Linda Seale, most professional and managerial dismissals are due to failure to understand and fit into a company’s culture.

30 Things You Should Know About Interviewing

Somebody once said, "Nothing is more uncommon that common sense." Accordingly, here are 30 things common sense should dictate.

6 Steps to Successful Career Management

It is up to you to realize your career goals. If you ignore the basic principles of career management, an unexpected setback could badly damage your long–term prospects. Here are six steps towards success in your career.

Are You Ready for the Interview?

You want to work for the company, they’ve seen your credentials and they’ve asked you in for an interview. You want the job. Here are some suggestions that help make sure your interview goes as well as possible.

Be More Productive by Avoiding Small Talk

Some people mistake small talk for networking. Unlike other time killers, small talk wastes not just one person’s time, but that of two people or even more. Here are six ways to avoid small talk in your office.

Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Interview silence

You're at a meeting or job interview. You've just answered a difficult question or made an important point and are met with an unmovable silence. You wait, growing a bit uneasy, but the room remains deafeningly still.

Employer Hot Buttons - Focus on the Needs of the Decision Maker

All too often the job seeker is focused on what he or she is looking for in a job (i.e. income, benefits, location, function, responsibilities, title, stature, drive time, industry, and corporate culture). On the other hand, hiring executives have an entirely different set of standards for what they are seeking in candidates. If you, as a job seeker, fail to recognize the difference, your chances of being the ‘candidate of choice’ are lessened.

Fatal Resume Errors

MRINetwork sees and receives a great deal of resumes. Your resume can’t afford to contain any of these fatal errors.

Five Ways to Successfully Negotiate a Salary

In the job search process, many people tend to be the most anxious about interviews. But, for some people, an equally frightening part of the job search is the salary negotiation process. Here are five tips to help understand your worth and negotiate for it with confidence.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Speaking is only one part of effective communications. Listening well is a sign that you respect your superiors, especially your boss, and that you have a good manners. Here are seven tips for being a good listener.

Interviewing Tips

90% of hires are based solely upon the interview according to a Harvard Business Review study. In fact, 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.3 minutes of an interview. So, the interview is probably the most important part of the hiring process.

Job Searching on Company Time?

How do you proceed with caution when searching for a job on company time? The key is to keep your current job, and income, until you find a new one.

Quiz: Are You Burned Out on Your Job?

It's been a while since you've felt the exhilaration that comes with starting a new job. And you're wondering: "Has that professional spark been extinguished or is it flickering faintly, waiting to be reignited?" Take this quiz to help you identify if what you're feeling is a temporary heat wave or the telltale signs of total burnout.

Restaurant Business Etiquette - Tips to Help You Make a Good Impression

Business meetings and interviews take place in restaurants all the time. Follow these helpful restaurant etiquette tips to ensure that you make a good impression at your next business meeting.

Resume Tips

Can't think of anything to write down about what you do in your job? Answer some of these questions. We guarantee that you will come up with some new ideas about your job responsibilities and skills.

Six-Year Career Crossroads for Middle Managers

MRINetwork™ conducted a study based on 200 telephone interviews with Human Resource directors or senior executives in the United States and 200 interviews with Human Resource directors or senior executives in the United Kingdom.

Stay Current - Be Coachable

In the business arena, being coachable means more than following orders. Here are six tips on being coachable.

The "Netiquette" of Internet Communications

Most protocols have been geared to in–person interviews, U.S. mail communications, and telephone. Yet on the Internet – where there is no face–to–face or even voice–to–voice interaction – it is easy to misinterpret the tone or implication inherent in email or other Internet messages being sent or received. Read on as we provide pointers to keep you appropriate and successful in your Internet Job Search.

Survey: One-in-Four Workers Plan to Work While on Vacation 

Seven Tips for a Stress-Free – and Work–Free – Vacation.

Want to Get Noticed? Speak Up!

Withholding your opinions and ideas is as useless as not having them. Here are some helpful times on speaking up.

Warning: Social Networking Can Be Hazardous to Your Job Search

That cute, affable guy who brags of his drunken exploits on may be meeting a lot of other partiers online, but he's probably not getting added to the "friends" lists of many corporate recruiters. A recent study by the executive search firm ExecuNet found that 77 percent of recruiters run searches of candidates on the Web to screen applicants; 35 percent of these same recruiters say they've eliminated a candidate based on the information they uncovered.

Watch Your Body Language

While body language sends a subtle message, it’s one that your boss will certainly pick up. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your body language is giving off the right message.

Weighing the Job Offer

Here are some factors that come under consideration when you're making a decision about a job offer.

What to Expect from Behavioral Interviews

Many employers are aware that employing somebody on the basis of two short interviews can be a risk if they do not ask the "right" questions in an interview. That’s why "behavioral" interviewing has become very popular with many managers. Here is what you should expect.

What’s Important to You in a Job?

When it comes to finding a new job, the most successful seekers know that the best jobs are not always just about salary.

Winning the Career Game. Finding your first job is your first job

Finding your first job is your first job. Don’t just jump into the search blindly. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the job search.

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