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Customized solutions, Real-world pace.

Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP recruiters are focused on meeting your company's individual cultural and business needs. No preconceived notions or cookie cutters here—only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives. With a full range of Permanent Placement options ranging from Engaged or Contingency Search to Large-scale Project Search solutions, Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP gives you the flexibility you want at the pace you demand.

Permanent Placement in an Impermanent World.

Recognized as industry leaders in recruitment for middle and senior range positions, Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP recruiters are the key ingredient to fulfill your permanent placement needs. Using our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment® approach, our Recruiters can locate the best candidates for the right positions in your company.

Proven Search Techniques

Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP gives its clients access to a wide range of search techniques, including:

  • Engaged Search - If your need is more immediate, or if the candidate possesses skills that are more in demand, we can dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific solution. In return for a small & guaranteed commitment fee up front, you will receive a complete, customized search action plan.
  • Contingency Search - MRINetwork™ created contingency search in the 60’s to give companies a no risk option. You only pay a fee upon the hiring of our talented candidate.
  • Project Search - A project team is created to find a number of candidates with similar profiles. 
  • Global Search - Global networking provides solutions for clients with overseas staffing needs, as well as consultation to candidates. 
  • Custom Search - Occasionally, our clients have needs that cannot fit neatly within the structure of a defined process. We will work with you, combining our resources to create a Custom Process unique to your special circumstances. Please contact one of our team members to share ideas and discuss the details of your search.

A truly unique service for large-scale recruitment initiatives.

Our system is unparalleled in the industry—uniquely designed to bring the efficiencies of a boutique operation together with the reach of our global network of 1,100 offices to execute a high-touch and streamlined methodical approach to recruitment on a large and global scale.

From a single point of contact to custom program management solutions, the MRINetwork large-scale recruitment offering can bring a new level of efficiency to make the most of your time and investment. Benefits include:

  • A New Level of Cost Efficiency. The group represents a new service model aimed at reducing the total cost of talent for global organizations by consolidating and standardizing the recruitment effort in order to accelerate the rate of fulfillment across geographic markets and ensure that best practices are leveraged worldwide. 
  • Enabling Market Expansion. With MRINetwork continually and actively pursuing placements in over 40 countries, the group is uniquely positioned to help world-class companies accelerate international expansion and new market penetration in the twenty-first century global economy. 
  • Customized Program Management. Unlike other recruitment services, our large-scale recruitment solution enables HR directors the flexibility to design the program management to mirror their own corporate structure. Combined with the streamlined Accelerated Recruitment® approach, our solution allows HR departments gain a more detailed and holistic understanding of their investment in talent, while allowing them to centralize or decentralize the process based on the companies hiring practices. 
  • Internal Controls to Ensure Consistent, Quality Service. We ensure all participating recruitment professionals adhere to the field-tested, proven MRINetwork Way®.

For more information about large-scale recruitment solutions, please give us a call or email us.

Ancillary Solutions

Today's global hiring issues are complex. Solutions demand not only flexibility, but creativity. When it comes to new and innovative tools for hiring, Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP excels, offering a host of additional services and tools to accomplish your hiring goals and solve your hiring problems:

Assessment Testing

They've got the skills, but are they a good fit? Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP can help you assess the long-term compatibility of candidates with your business culture. Using the leading tools to analyze profiles, skill sets, and candidates' experience,  Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP Recruiters can provide you with the insight you need to make smarter hiring decisions.

Background Checks

They seem genuine, but how do we really know their past? Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP can offer you comprehensive information about a candidate, including supplying a full background check.

Salary Surveys and Evaluation

I want the best, but how much will it cost? Because MRINetwork is truly worldwide, we have the ability to provide clients and candidates with realistic information concerning salaries in every major business sector, in almost any location in the world, allowing you to understand the financial impact hiring your desired candidate will make.

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