Approach & Methodology

The Accelerated Recruitment® Approach.

MRINetwork has been a leader and innovator in recruitment for more than 45 years, more than 20 of those years in the Mexican and Latin American market with Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP. We've learned a thing or two about pinpointing those people who can become the heart of your business, when and where you need them. Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment approach is a customized combination of our streamlined methodology and the knowledge of our industry experts, from all over the world, designed specifically to help you target your next impact player and deliver them at the pace your business demands.

A proven methodology, consistently delivered.

While some recruiters try to slow the process, others move too quickly. The result is often a long wait with few results or worse, a body in a cubicle that adds little to your team. After 20 years, Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP has mastered the process and has developed a field-tested, streamlined recruitment methodology that delivers our clients the Impact Player, that 20% of candidates that make a real impact on business.

The MRINetwork Way® is the most comprehensive recruitment process methodology available today, created to deliver effective and optimum results for clients and candidates. It is the ideal sequence of steps designed to yield a high-touch recruitment process expediently, combining each step with a specialized set of behavioral skills to ensure the process is executed to its full potential how and when you need it.

Excellence is refreshingly simple when you've mastered the art.

The experts in your industry that you can trust

Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP brings together industry experts from all major business sectors. Our recruiters typically have real-world experience in the industries in which they recruit; they know who you need to hire and how to reach them. Unmatched in the industry, our recruiters are subject matter experts and can provide specialized and targeted advice to help you find just the right candidate. In fact, they're finding them right now. But our recruiters bring another quality that is unmatched in the industry—integrity. They are people you can count on, who strive for excellence, and who offer the kind of accountability and responsibility that you would expect from any colleague. Management Recruiters THE DUMAS GROUP does business one way—the right way.

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